The Importance of Health and Fitness

The words “health” and “fitness” have been abuzz over the past couple of years, as we see many people making necessary changes in their lifestyle in an effort to become healthier, to live longer and to delay the onset of the signs of aging and illness. This is probably one of the best trends to become widespread among many people as its aim is to improve a person’s quality of life.Health and fitness are not the only components of a better and more balanced life. Before going deeper into the conversation about health and fitness, it is important to define wellness first. “Wellness” as a concept, encapsulates the whole notion of eating right, staying healthy and becoming the best version of yourself. This also includes the notion of experiencing the perfect harmony in terms of mental, physical and psychological health.No one can deny the importance of the fact that we should take health and fitness seriously. In the past, a lot of people took youth for granted and spent a lot of time sitting around at home and binging on junk food while watching the television during their day off. These days, we see a lot of people, especially young professionals who are very driven who see the value in taking care of themselves in order to be more productive and efficient at work. To keep up with their hectic lifestyle, they invest a lot of time and money in eating right, getting enough exercise and making time to relax as a way to maintain a balance in their life. This state of balance and harmony in one’s life is what we call “wellness”-all the factors mentioned previously define wellness.While making time for work and rest is hard to achieve, it is important that we at least try and make the little efforts in achieving this goal. You don’t have to make dramatic changes in your life if it’s going to be too stressful. Always make sure to due your research before making lifestyle changes and keep in mind the factors that define wellness. Sometimes, little efforts like taking a five-minute break to meditate or substituting that piece of fried chicken meal for steamed fish can make a world of difference if you are consistent. The path to wellness is all about taking baby steps-little efforts that you can sustain in an effort to improve your quality of life.

A Health and Fitness Exercise Program to Reduce Work Stress

In early times when Neanderthals lived in the wild, as some do in the office today, everybody had a health and fitness exercise program. It’s called hunting, and if they didn’t do it they’ll be on a lose weight fast diet from which they’ll never recover. Nobody had a problem with work stress then, because all the stress they got was due to surviving each day. Come to think of it, times haven’t changed much.The type of stress that early man experienced was of the high intensity kind you find in a life and death situation. Not as intense as a divorce proceeding, but close enough. Unknown to early man, the sheer physicality of everyday life gave him a daily dose of endorphins, which is the body’s natural way to relieve stress. If you’re lucky enough to be chased by a lion for 50 yards, you’ll feel the same thing. Today we call it exercise.Modern man has long known that exercise reduces stress, but what has that got to do with getting chewed on by the boss every other day? Or, slashing your product’s price by 50% and still can’t get any takers? But you know what… you’re right. Exercise can’t do anything for you there. What it does is reduce your stress levels. Then you’ll feel better. Then you’ll be in a good position to create a solution to your problems at work. Then you get a raise, or leap over your sales targets. Neat, huh?Stress in the workplace isn’t always proportional to the number of times you’ve missed out on a promotion. It has to do with our unique response to each situation. For one guy, not getting a raise is no big deal as long as that other guy doesn’t get it either. If that happens, all hell breaks loose.Things happen when you’re put in a stressful situation. You pump out adrenaline, your heart beats faster, your blood pressure rises, you get flustered, you curse under your breath because the girl of your dreams is asking you out and all you could do is stand there like a statue with a stupid grin on your face.You release the stress hormone cortisol, and sugar and fat are pumped in your bloodstream as added fuel for your muscles. You’re in a heightened state of alertness, ready to fight or run. Unfortunately, neither response is acceptable in this situation. Think how long your stress will stay with you if you let her go.This type of stress plays havoc with your hormone system. It affects everything – appetite, memory, mood, and fear, but mostly mood. If you don’t burn energy with a physical response, it leaves nasty things behind like that fat in your bloodstream that turns to plaque in the arteries. That’s bad. Plaque in the arteries causes hypertension which can lead to stroke. Ugh.A health and fitness exercise regimen is the key to clearing out all that debris after that memorable stressful event.